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You are the greatest soldier I know and on this Veterans Day, I want to thank you for your service.

ඔබ මා දන්නා ශ්‍රේෂ්ඨතම සොල්දාදුවා වන අතර මෙම ප්‍රවීණයන්ගේ දිනයේ දී, ඔබගේ සේවයට ස්තූති කිරීමට මට අවශ්‍යය.

You have lived the most patriotic life one can ever live, and I couldn’t be any prouder of you! Thanks for your service.

ඔබ මුහුණ දුන් අරගල සහ ඔබ දැක්වූ නිර්භීතකම කිසිඳු සැසඳීමක් කළ නොහැකි ය. මෙම ප්‍රවීණයන්ගේ දිනය, මම ඔබේ සේවයට ආචාර කරමි.

The struggles you have gone through and the bravery you have shown are beyond any comparison. This Veterans Day, I salute your service. 

You have chosen the country over everything else and showed us what true patriotism looks like. Thank you for all of it!

You have sacrificed your hours of freedom so the rest of the nation can enjoy it, what could be a more selfless act! Thank you and happy Veterans Day.

No amount of words can express my gratitude towards you for leading and protecting us. Happy Veterans Day and many blessings to you.

Thank you for dedicating your life to the country and protecting our rights. You are a true hero!

The way you have served the country should be written in our history. Thank you for all the sacrifices!

You had taken the responsibility of serving the nation, and you fulfilled it with utmost perfection. Thank you!

You are a real-life superhero who has protected his people and I feel honored to know you. Thank you!

Happy Veterans Day and an infinite amount of respect to you. You are the best of the bests.

I appreciate every veteran, but even among them, I find you to be the bravest and strongest. Happy Veterans Day 2021!

You have built the future of our country with your own hands and I salute you for that.

Happy Veterans Day to every person who has served in the army and also to those who are currently serving. You people are the saviors of the nation.

Thank you for the countless hours of struggle and hard work, all of which you have gone through for the sake of the country.

To the Veterans who have brought us our freedom and to the ones who have kept it secured, I bow down with respect towards you all.