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Darling, as you go for your exams, I wish you one thing; excellence beyond measures.

You’re beautiful and amazing, smart and lovely. More than these, you are intelligent and brainy, the more reason I chose you over the rest. Do exploits in your exams, my love.

More wisdom, knowledge and understanding are my prayers for you now and always my love. I wish you the best only in your exams.

More than what you know or can put down, enjoy favour in the sight of everyone that comes in contact with you. Graces in your exams my dear.

I miss you so much baby but I’ve to let you focus cos it’s exams time. Enjoy speed and precision as you prepare. I love you big.

As you prepare, you read with direction and you have a divine understanding. Grace and favour are my wishes for you my love.

Can’t wait for your exams to end so we can have more time with each other, but till then, I wish you the very best in your exams. You are excellent. Go show it forth.

I know a beautiful and brainy young lady, and she is my girlfriend! I’m so proud of you and I wish you success in your exams. I miss you.

Don’t feel weary or discouraged with the all-night reading and studying, it’s all going to be for good. I pray you come out in flying colours. I love you dearly.

You are a covenant of success, always remember that. You can’t be less. Never. Excellent results await you.

I can’t get through to you as frequently as I would have loved, but then, I understand you need more time to study so that you come out successful. Can’t wait for your exams to end. I love you always.

I’ll love us to study for your exams together baby, and I hope we get serious. Smiles. I’d rather leave you to study alone so you can focus. Miss you baby.

I wish you success and excellence as you begin your final exams. Enjoy God’s favour and mercy like never before. Your boyfriend loves you.

As you go into the examination hall, I pray everything works together for your good. Best of luck baby.

Hi beautiful! I just want to wish you Success in your exam today. Good luck my dearest friend!

I know you’ll come out with flying colours my love! Good luck to you!

Go forth and write excellence babe. Remember, I love you!

I shall be here patiently waiting to hear the good news… Best of luck, my beautiful girl!

Best wishes to you, be relaxed, calm and collected… Success awaits you, dear!

Go out there and excel, my love. I wish you the best of luck!

My love, how is preparation going? Please do not overwork yourself, I don’t want you to be too stressed out. Read with ease!

Sweetheart, how is prep going? I’m sure you gonna do me proud, my brilliant princess.

Hi, my love. I know it’s been a while we talked cos of your exams. I understand dear, just concentrate and do well as usual.

Sweetheart, hope preparation is going on smoothly? Just make sure you balance everything. Eat well, sleep well and pray. Love you my heart.

Baby! What’s up?remember how wonderful you’ve always been? You’ve never been defeated. So as the exam approaches, go and win again. I’m always with you.