Of all the superheroes my favourite is you, grandfather. You are relentless, adventurous and the strongest person I know. Have a super birthday!


Seeyata suba upandinayak wewa...! Budu saranai...!

My grandfather is the sharpest and smartest man I know. No matter what the question is, he always knows the answer. No matter how complicated the problem, he always seems to find an easy solution for it. There is no subject too hard for him. There isn’t anything that he can’t put in easier terms.

Whenever I have a doubt, it’s you that I go to. Whenever I need advice, I look for your wise words.

I hope one day I know at least half of what you know. You are the reason why I always study hard and always want to know more.

I hope you have the greatest birthday of all!


Grandpa, I hope I look as good as you when I get to your age. I wish you a great birthday filled with happiness and love


I am so fortunate to have such an amazing grandfather like you. May each day bring you but lovely and happy moments! Happy birthday, grandad!


Grandpa, this is your special day
And we celebrate together
The life of an amazing man
That I wish may live forever.

You are my role model
And inspire me in so many ways,
I hope to share the love
For many more days.

I wish you a happy birthday
And an amazing year to come.
To me you are the best,
You are always number one.


Have the happiest birthday, grandpa!

Inside your selfless loving heart,
You always put me first
No matter what.

I love you more than words can say,
I love you more than I can express.
No words could ever convey
This love I carry in my chest.

I can’t even start to imagine
How hard life would be
If by some ungodly chance
I wouldn’t have you here with me.

Enjoy this very special day,
Enjoy all the years to come,
One last thing I must say
Like you there is none!

It's your birthday, grandpa! Thank you for always taking such good care of me and for always loving me! You are my guide, my teacher, my everything!

You deserve a day filled with happiness and a year of never-ending joy!

Happy birthday, gramps.

I miss you each and every day, but
I find solace in the knowledge that
you are resting peacefully in heaven.

I hope your soul is content roaming
through the tranquil clouds in the
skies above.

Love you always, grandpa.

Today we join you to celebrate yet another year of your life, grandpa. I hope you continue to live a healthy and happy life for many more years to come!

I love you, grandpa! I hope I can continue to enjoy your company and friendship for many years to come. Have a lovely birthday!

Life means so much when you have such a loving and caring grandpa. Have a great birthday and many more days in our company!

Thinking about my grandfather
Is thinking about hugs and smiles.
We have such a fun time together,
Our laughter can be heard for miles.

You are a gift from God
And an inspiration to me.
You are my shining star
And you shall always be.

You have always been there for me
And I promise I will be there for you always.
I love you more than I can ever say
And I wish you the greatest of birthdays!

A great role model and father figure, to me
you are this and so much more, grandad.

I wish you all the best on your special day!

To the man who is a source of inspiration in my life and a vital role model to me, I want to wish a spectacular birthday and many more years to come! Love you, grandad!