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I gave you my heart, and I want you to take care of it till its last beat. Will you marry me?

Our love is the purest thing on earth, and it is high time we make it official. Will you marry me?

Life is hard, but the thought of spending it with you makes it much easier. Would you be mine?

Your presence makes everything beautiful, and I want you around me for my entire life. Marry me.

Even though your breath stinks in the morning, I want to feel it every day right after waking up. Marry me, please?

Marriage might be a trap, but being trapped inside your arms doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Will you marry me?

Since you always make me share foods with you, it’s time to repay. Care to share a last name?

I am going to give you the rarest, once in a lifetime offer. Marry me.You are the most amazing man I have ever met, and I want to be yours forever. Will you marry me?

When I look at you, I just know that you are the man I want to spend my life with. Will you be my husband?

I want to sleep in your arms every night and wake up there every morning. Care to make me your lady?

In you, I have found the missing pieces of me. So I want to carry your name next to mine for my remaining days.

I love you so much that I don’t want to spend one more moment without you. Please marry me.

My heart already considers you my partner for life. Tell me you feel the same way and marry me.

You are the joy of my heart and the colors of my life. Marry me, darling.

Commitment may sound like a heavy word, but with you, it is going to be easy. Marry me?You’re the girl of my dreams, and now that I’ve found you, I won’t ever let go. Marry me?

My whole life, I wanted to keep standing straight. But for you, I want to kneel on my knees. Marry me, please.

Be my bride, and I promise to bring you every love and happiness of the world.

All this while you have been my princess. But now I want to make you my queen. Will you be my wife?

You have written me so many lovely words, and I want to reply to those with my wedding vows. Care to marry me?

Queens should get tiaras, but you can’t wear one all the time. That’s why I want to offer you a ring. Marry me?

You have turned my world into a paradise, and I want to share a home with you. Marry me.

You are an angel on earth, and I want to give you the happily ever after that you deserve.