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Our parents gave us life and it was you who taught us how to live it. You introduced honesty, integrity, and passion to our character. Happy teacher’s day !

අපේ දෙමාපියන් අපට ජීවිතය දුන් අතර එය ජීවත් වන්නේ කෙසේදැයි අපට කියා දුන්නේ ඔබයි. සුභ ගුරු දිනයක් වේවා!

Thank you for teaching me a subject I thought I could never understand or be interested in. Thank you for making learning fun. Happy Teacher’s Day!

මට කිසි දිනෙක තේරුම් ගැනීමට හෝ උනන්දුවක් දැක්වීමට නොහැකි යැයි සිතූ විෂයක් මට ඉගැන්වීම ගැන ඔබට ස්තුතියි. ඉගෙනීම විනෝදයක් කිරීම ගැන ඔබට ස්තුතියි. සුභ ගුරු දිනයක්!

Happy teachers day! It has been an honour to get to learn so many things from you; thanks for inspiring me! We need more instructors like you in our schools and universities.

සුභ ගුරු දිනයක් වේවා! ඔබෙන් බොහෝ දේ ඉගෙන ගැනීමට ලැබීම ගෞරවයක්; මාව දිරිමත් කිරීම ගැන ස්තුතියි! අපේ පාසල් හා විශ්ව විද්‍යාල වල අපට ඔබ වැනි තවත් උපදේශකයින් අවශ්‍යයි.

English Teacher's Day Wishes and Greeting

Thanks for making me fall in love with a subject I thought I hated and now I cannot get enough of it! I owe all of it to you, thank you, ma’am!

Teaching is the best profession anyone can ever have. I feel really lucky to have you as my teacher. Happy teacher’s day! Wish you have a wonderful time today!

You show me how to behave properly, you teach me invaluable lessons, and you make me learn from my mistakes. Saying that I appreciate you and what you do for me is an understatement. Happy Teacher’s Day!

A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others. Happy Teacher's Day!

You Guided Me When I Was Lost, You Supported Me When I Was Weak, You Have Enlightened me all through. Wishing you a glorious and happy teacher’s day!

Having you as my teacher is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. Your support and understanding made me feel like I’m enough. I’m feeling very grateful and filled with happiness, and you are the reason. Thank you for everything. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Thank you, Sir, for being our safe zone, someone who tried to be our friend first and a teacher later! We all owe you so much! Happy teachers day!

Thank you, Ma'am, for teaching me a subject I thought I could never understand or be interested in. Thank you for making learning fun. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Thanks for guiding me whenever I felt lost and nourishing my abilities and helping me to overcome my fears! A very happy teachers day to you!

You have a very special power of inspiring young people like me. We need more teachers like you in our schools and colleges. Happy teacher’s day to you!

You deserve recognition for all the sacrifices that you make, you are more than a teacher to me and I THANK YOU!

Today I celebrate you for being selfless, devoted, hardworking, and the wisest person in the classroom. I am grateful to be your student. Happy Teacher’s Day!