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අද ලෝක තනිකඩයන්ගේ දිනය 🤣
සුභ තනිකඩයින්ගේ දිනයක් වේවා 🤣
ඉක්මන්ට කපල් වෙන්ඩ ලැබේවා ❤
පිස්සු හැදෙයි 👉 


Happy Single's Day 🙈😜 

අද ලෝක තනිකඩයන්ගෙ දිනය.?
Happy Single Day 😔
හිමි වේවා , අහිමි නොවේවා.!❤️‍🩹👫 

උදා වූ ලෝක තනිකඩයින්ගේ දිනය මා ඇතුළු සියළුම තනිකඩයින්ට සාමය සතුට සෞභාග්යය සපිරි සුබම සුබ තනිකඩයින්ගේ දිනයක් වේවා!!! 

“It is always better to be a lady with a vision, purpose and focus in life than a lady who is thinking about impressing a man. Warm wishes on Singles Day to you.”

“Staying single doesn’t mean that there were lack of options but it means that you made a decision to be on your own. Happy Singles Day to you.”

“Being single is making a choice to stay independent and with your own self without feeling guilty about it. Warm greetings on Singles Day. Enjoy being single!!!”

“It is not an easy decision to stay single and it is not for the faint-hearted. Wishing a very Happy Singles Day to all those single souls.”

“There are many things in life enjoy best when done alone. There are so many places in the world where you can travel solo. Warm wishes on Singles Day.”

“If you don’t have the potential to deal with yourself then you cannot deal with any other person. Wishing a very Happy Singles Day to all the singles.”

“It is always better to stay single and stay happy then be a part of a relationship which is eating you up from inside. Warm wishes on Singles Day.”

“Staying single is when you choose to give yourself, your life, your dreams more importance and attention and you are not guilty of your decision. Happy Singles Day.”

“Single is not just a status. Being single is choosing for a life that you know is going to suit you the best and not compromising with the pressures of the world.”